Erin Kashiwada

Senior Patent Agent



U.S. Patent & Trademark Office


California State University, Fullerton
MS Electrical Engineering

University of California, Irvine
BS Electrical Engineering

Erin drafts and prosecutes patent applications in all electrical, wireless communication, computer-hardware, and software fields including radar systems, wireless transceiver hardware, wireless communication standards, memory, machine learning, battery charging, and digital and analog circuits.

Erin was formerly a Senior System Engineer and Lead Engineer that designed, operated, analyzed, and tested battlefield radars at Raytheon.  Her experience spans from low-level hardware and software design and implementation to high-level system integration and test.

Technical Experience

Wireless Transceiver Hardware: adaptable architecture for analog/digital/hybrid beamforming, couplers, amplifiers (e.g., power amplifier and low-noise amplifier), phase shifters, mixers, clock generators, analog-to-digital converters, average power tracking (APT), anti-tamper protection, and electromagnetic shielding

Acoustic Filters: thin-film surface-acoustic-wave filters (TFSAW), high-quality temperature-compensated (HQ-TC) SAW filters, microacoustic filters, double-mode (DM) SAW filters, various filter modes (e.g., plate mode, piston mode, cavity modes), spurious mode suppression, and acoustic-wave dampening/acoustic loss/non-linearities/acoustomigration mitigation techniques

Systems and Sensors: smart devices, hearables, radar, ultrasonic, infrared, lidar, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), and sensor fusion

System Operations: active noise cancellation, on-head detection, gesture recognition, speech recognition, voice recognition, and collision avoidance

Wireless Communication and Radio Frequency Propagation: jamming mitigation, modulation schemes, electromagnetic coupling, mutual coupling cancellation, ray tracing, and techniques for improving signal-to-noise ratios

Memory: die architecture, read/write operations, training, test modes, and row hammer mitigation

Antenna: design and impedance tuning

Hard-Disk Drive: self-servo writing, encoding, and decoding

Battery Charging: DC-to-DC power converters (switch-mode power supply, buck converter, boost converter, charge pump), burst mode, low-dropout regulators, and techniques for improving efficiency

Wireless Charging: RF shielding and receiver architecture

Software Fields: machine learning, signal/data processing, simulation, cryptography, search and track algorithms, stretch processing, radar target recognition

Formerly was a Senior System Engineer in Ground-Based Radar Systems at Raytheon. Lead engineer for system design, software development, and system integration of IRAD AESA radar.

Experienced radar analyst and radar operator.

Named inventor on one (1) issued U.S. patent