About Colby Nipper

Drafting and prosecuting patents is the core of what we do, and we do it well.  Our low-overhead model and horizontal structure allow us far more time for each project, while our dedicated second-set-of-eyes policy ensures that every project is truly excellent.

Our Boise office is centrally located, with non-stop flights to every major city in the West.  We commonly fly out to disclose inventions, and can be at our client’s office by tomorrow, every time.

The Colby Nipper Difference


Colby Nipper strictly follows a second set of eyes policy.  Every item we draft is carefully reviewed for quality and for adherence to each client’s specific guidelines.

Patent Preparation

While many IP firms delegate much of the patent drafting to young associates, we focus our drafting with partners and senior practitioners. Many of our practitioners have ten or more years’ experience in industry, allowing real hands-on know how, which further improves our patent preparation and saves time for both inventors and in-house attorneys.

Patent Prosecution

We interview nearly every action, resulting in faster, lower-cost prosecution and broader claims. Because we interview so often, we have built relationships with examiners, which further speeds prosecution. Many examiners call us to negotiate allowance, knowing that we will pick up the phone and work with them.