Easton Boeck

Technical Analyst



Boise State University
BS, Mechanical Engineering
Honors College at BSU with Minors in
Electrical Engineering,
Applied Mathematics, and a
Mechanical Design Certificate

Easton is a technical specialist assisting in the prosecution and drafting of patent applications and defensive publications for a variety of mechanical, electrical, and computer-related technologies.

Technical Experience

Easton formerly lead Boise State University’s ALIGN Team, in association with a well-known optical fiber solutions company, designing and manufacturing a 2-Axis Automated Fiber Alignment System directed at expediting the coupling of a free-space laser beam into an optical fiber (Optical Fiber Alignment). During Easton’s education, he studied and designed mechanical systems, electrical systems, telecommunication systems, and software applications.

Computer Software Fields: operating system and application level software; image and video processing; information systems and databases; graphical user interfaces; biometric security and authentication; cryptographic hashing algorithms

Computing and Telecommunication Hardware Fields: wireless charging; wireless networks; wireless devices; user interfaces, including pixel array circuitry; gesture recognition systems; wearable technologies; computer hardware, including system on a chip (SoC) technologies; Fifth Generation (5G) related technologies