Dr. Jena Meinecke

Technical Analyst



University of California, Los Angeles
B.Sc, Physics

University of Oxford
DPhil (PhD), Atomic and Laser Physics

Dr. Jena Meinecke is a plasma physicist with over a decade of experience specializing in laser systems, accelerators, optical and imaging systems, material analysis, and electronics. She holds a doctorate in Atomic and Laser Physics from the University of Oxford and has earned numerous awards, including the Jocelyn Bell Burnell Medal.

Meinecke was formerly a Junior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford where she led plasma physics experiments using the largest laser on Earth, the National Ignition Facility at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, to understand the origins of galactic and intergalactic magnetic fields via the turbulent dynamo process. Her work was awarded a Top Ten Breakthrough by the Institute of Physics in 2014, multiple high-impact publications, and a range of media coverage.

Meinecke is an expert in diagnostic techniques including magnetic field detection, spectroscopy, optical and x-ray imaging, and particle detection. She has helped develop numerous novel techniques and detectors including electronic induction probes, electromagnetic solenoids, proton radiography, optical Thomson scattering, laser wakefield acceleration, and more.

Technical Experience

Lasers:  short-pulse lasers, long-pulse lasers, coherent sources, incoherent sources, solid-state lasers, gas lasers, free-electron laser, gain mediums, pump sources, optical resonators (cavities), laser techniques (e.g., mode locking, Q-switching), beam characterization

Electronics:  electronic devices, electronic components, digital and analog circuits

Accelerators:  synchrotrons, linear accelerators, cyclotrons, radiation sources, radiation detection

Optical Systems: optical elements, polarization optics, optical isolators, optical fibers, optical coating, optomechanics, filters, metrology

Imaging Systems:  plasma generation, imaging components, microscopy, detectors (optical, x-ray, infrared), optical tweezers, microscopes, scanning

Material Analysis:  measuring instruments, measurement of light, photometry, spectroscopy (optical and x-ray), photolithography, electrography, electrophotography, magnetography, image plates, CR-39, magnetic induction probes, polarimetry