Dorian Kiri

Technical Analyst



Boise State University
M.Engr., Electrical Engineering
B.S., Electrical Engineering

With 12 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, Dorian focuses on drafting and assisting with patent applications and defensive publications in circuit design and computing hardware and software.

Technical Experience

Semiconductors: on-die, package (e.g., BGA, FBGA, TSOP), and multi-chip (e.g., DIMM, Managed NAND, MCP) signal integrity simulation and design characterization; electrical, parameter, and physical characterization of DRAM, SRAM, PSRAM, NAND, NOR, PCM, and CMOS Imager memory products; wafer fabrication; data mining; development and characterization of ultra-thin gate dielectric of MOSCAPs, MOSFETs, and CHEMFETs.

Power: design, specifications, transformers, switchgear, adjustable frequency drives, transmission lines.

Micron Technology, Inc., over 12 of years of silicon signal-integrity engineering in the R&D group and yield-enhancement engineering in fabrication facilities.

Two years of experience in electrical engineering consulting in industrial and renewable-energy market-segments.